Our Philosophy

We do three things to carve out your piece of the Internet.


Education. We provide your business, persona, or special project with the knowledge you need to build a web presence. We believe that educating oneself with the latest information is the only way to effectively tailor a promotional campaign. Learning about the powerhouse Internet tools is the most efficient and cost effective way to use them.

Security. No one should walk around the internet without understanding the risks. Data theft, smear campaigns, and random sabotage lurk around many corners. By understanding a tiny amount about internet security, the vast majority of the hackers can be nullified. Understanding backup systems can cut the costs of these services to a tiny fraction of their normal price.

Flexibility. It’s important that you own the rights to your work. On our network, we provide all the tools necessary to move to a new network at any time. We don’t steal your domain name, we educate you to control it yourself. We don’t have hidden contracts or expensive clauses hiding in the background. We put you in the driver’s seat.